Excel Formula

Lock values 

To lock values so that they are fixed when copying to other cells, insert a dollar symbol before the column letter and/or before the row number e.g. $D$3


Use this to match the data from one table to another. 
For example, if you have a sheet of 'Events' that have occurred with a column 'Article ID', and you have another sheet that lists all item 'Information' by 'Article ID', you can use this to pull data from the information sheet into the event sheet. This is particularly useful for matching user information against downloads within pivot tables  

Switch columns and rows

Copy the table, open a new sheet, and use paste special 'Transpose'.


Add a New Inbox

        >Mail setup 
            >Email accounts 
                    >More settings 

Delegate Access 

        > Delegates (check permissions) 

Add/Edit Signature

        >Mail format 
            > Signatures 

Plug-ins Firefox/Chrome

  • Adblock plus
  • British English dictionary
  • Fancy numbered tabs
  • Firebug
  • IE Tab
  • Personas
  • SearchPreview
  • Skype
  • Webmail notifier
  • Zotero
  • Balsamiq


  • Akismet
  • Authenticator
  • Contact Form 7