I am somewhat of a fan of PowerPoint. Its simple canvas can be used to publish neat and informative design, and with tools like iSpring or Articulate Storyline, you can take the PowerPoint platform and convert it into everything from HTML5 based e-learning, to short audio narrated animations. 

Here are a couple of useful resources that I have developed for getting the most out of PowerPoint.

This guide is designed to provide users with insight into producing good quality PowerPoint presentations. It contains some handy tips and general formatting advice.

A template file containing various charts and graphs, with various scales. The charts will resize in aspect, and might save you some time if you are redrawing a lot of graphs.

Videos and Animations

Having produced a wide range of videos and animations, I would be happy to answer any questions about the production process, from the setting up suitable timelines, to figuring out how to bring the storyline and video together.

In the near future, I will hopefully be able to share with you a few examples of the work I have helped produce.